Elegant Black and White Clutch Purse

Elegant Black and White Clutch Purse extended  inches long zipper for a full and complete opening.

A snap button is attached at the end so that it can be kept away neatly when not in use.

It is also completely lined at the side and on the inside with a matching fabric in cotton.

It opens up to 3 separate compartments (plus 2 small ones in between), with the middle compartment having a zipper on its own. The end of the zipper is attached to a “pillow” of the same fabric for ease of use.

Fully padded and lovingly made and sewn by my mom, this wonderful purse is practical and useful in many ways.

This hot black, white and grey patchwork bag by Urban Originals can be carried as an oversized clutch, or simply add the strap to convert it into a shoulder bag.

Elegant Black and White Clutch Purse are in Impressively designed  with lovely intricate and classy motif adds to its sophistication. Enriched with beautifully placed stones and antique beads work makes it simply amazing. Make a remarkable style statement with this sizzling fashionable purse.

2 thoughts on “Elegant Black and White Clutch Purse

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  2. I really like these Elegant Black and White Clutch Purses and would like to know where I can buy one of them or which is the name of the brand ?Thank you in advance!

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